DB4ALL collects, integrates and cleans the data you need for your project. There are two choices depending on the task:

  • Using an automatic approach: We use DB4ALL Webminer, our advanced web information extraction tools, to automatically extract the data you need from the given websites. The process is still customized and supervised manually for accurate results.
  • Using a manual approach: Our data center collects the data you need completely manually. This is sometimes the only possible choice, maybe because the type of information you need is not publically available in Internet, or it is too much heteregenous to structure automatically.


Example use case

A vendor needs to monitor their competitors in order to adjust their business strategy. One basic task is to periodically obtain the catalog of products of their main competitors. The vendor contacts DB4ALL to retrieve the product catalogs from their competitors' websites.

DB4ALL extracts the catalogs and stores them in a Ms Excel table, with a row for every product. Each product is described with the following columns: product title and description, brand, promotion, price, price per unit and other attributes. This file is sent to the vendor once per week, and thus they can use statistical and data-mining techniques to better analyze their competitor.


How do we calculate our competitive prices?

We take the time to really understand your needs before we quote. We base our prices on the quantity of attributes you require, the number of web pages involved, the difficulty of the extraction, the periodicity of the extraction as well as extra services that may be needed such as data cleaning and data integration from different sources. See here why we can provide a better and cheaper solution than doing the job yourself.


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