Sourceforge Reformatted is the world's largest open source software development and distribution environment. It hosts more than one hundred thousand projects. You can get the list of projects described by their name, description, license, programming language, topic, registration date, activity, number of downloads, screenshot and more. For instance, you can use it to better search for the project you need or for analyzing software trends.

The "Sourceforge Reformatted" dataset is here available for purchasing at the price of $1'100.00 USD.

This is a screenshot of the February 2010 dataset within Microsoft Excel, showing projects sorted by number of downloads.

Download sample data (from February 2010) in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, xml and mysql formats.


Each project is described by title, description, image, activity, rank, register date, date of the latest file downloaded and number of downloads. It also says whether the application runs in Ms Windows, Macintosh, Unix and PDAs (this is an educated guess, see below for more details on the actual operating systems). The project is normalized also on whether it has a graphical user interface, runs from the terminal (or command-line) or runs without any interaction. Each project is further described with a set of 9 additional tables, telling the database environment, development status, intended audience, license, operating system, programming language, topic, translation and user interface associated to each project.

With this dataset, you can answer questions such as:

  • List all projects on Education, with the keyword 'portal' in the description, and having been downloaded at least one thousand times:
    Carso's Virtual UniversityA e-learning portal that facilitate the university knowledge and student...
    SchoolAlumni PortalPortal software for alumni high school, content management system, and online...
    Distributed ISBN portalA distributed search portal of common sources of ISBN numbers...
  • How many new projets have been registered each year for the following functional programming languages: erlang, Groovy, Haskell, Lisp, Scala.

Note: Contact us if you need help querying this dataset. This dataset is also available for previous years.


Here there is the of distinct values for each of 9 additional tables:



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