We provide here some widely requested datasets for purchasing. As with the commercial licenses, selling datasets allows us to have a dedicated development team that ensures the quality, support and continuity of the webminer project. The price of the datasets are based on the difficulty to collect the data (either automatically using webminer or manually in our data center).

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CIA World Factbook, a publication of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States with information about the countries of the world. The Factbook provides a summary of the demographics, geography, communications, government, economy, and military of countries. Get a clean version of this dataset. It is frequently used as a resource for research publications and business market research. is the world's largest open source software development and distribution environment, hosting more than one hundred thousand projects. You can get the list of projects described by their name, description, license, programming language, topic, registration date, activity, number of downloads, screenshot and more. With this dataset you can answer questions such as: "List all projects on Education, with the keyword 'portal' in the description, and having been downloaded at least one thousand times", or "how many new projets have been registered each year for each programming language". Use this dataset for better searching for the project you need or analyzing software trends.